I'm Sharon Brock, breast cancer survivor and bestselling author of The LOVEE Method: Mindfulness Meditation for Breast Cancer

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If you have breast cancer, I'm here to help.

The LOVEE Method offers mindfulness meditations to support you along every step of your

journey, including audio meditations to listen to during chemo and after surgery, making the book both a heartfelt memoir and a practical guide.

Praise for The LOVEE Method: Mindfulness Meditation for Breast Cancer

MeiMei Fox

NYT Bestselling Author of Bend, Not Break

"Sharon does an incredible job of weaving together a vulnerable and beautiful personal memoir about her experience with cancer with practical lessons in mindfulness and guided meditations you can use to make it through your own journey with acceptance, compassion, equanimity and love. This book is ideal for anyone recently diagnosed with cancer, as well as anyone coping with a difficult moment in life. Sharon speaks from the heart. She soothes, she inspires, she connects--she is the real deal."

Katherine Woodward Thomas

NYT Bestselling Author of Calling in "The One"

"The LOVEE Method is a graceful and beautiful book for those enduring breast cancer treatment. Sharon Brock will hold your hand, soothe your soul, calm your emotions and lift your spirits as you move through your healing and recovery."

Marci Shimoff

NYT Bestselling Author of Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

"In The LOVEE Method, the mindfulness teachings are practical, and the memoir will speak to you like a wise and caring friend. Offering hope and tools for inner strength, this book is a godsend for anyone going through breast cancer."

“Even those who shy away from meditation will find plenty to appreciate in this highly readable account. A solid and appealing story of combining meditation and traditional health care.”

-Kirkus Review

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10% of all profits go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

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